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Australian migration law is complex and constantly changing. Fees are costly and waiting time is long. Mistakes can be costly financially and emotionally. Australian Dream Visa will ensure your visa application is meticulously validated with Australian Migration Law and thoroughly prepared only by Australian Registered Migration Professionals (OMARA registered) for your peace of mind.

100% Success Rate

None of our clients has ever been denied a visa! Each and every visa application we have processed has been approved, and visas have been issued to each and every one of our clients. Our 100% success rate is enabled by our expertise. Our expertise is a product of a comprehensive knowledge that has been acquired via extensive learning and experience.

Expert Migration Law Knowledge

We will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your visa eligibility and provide you with visa options. We will also prepare a detailed submission letter to further elaborate based on Australian Migration law and your circumstance why you should be granted a visa

We know what you feel

Our staff are migrants too who travelled the same journey as you. We know the struggles and the challenges prospective migrants experience and we would be able to give first-hand advice. As part of our migration services, Australian Dream Visa also can provide helpful resources like IELTS/PTE Review materials and assist you in school placement, signing up for overseas health insurance.

Tech-Savvy Consultancy

We'll make sure your files are managed efficiently by providing clients and prospects access to our Free Online Visa Eligibility Tools and reputable migration client-management software tool


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